Innovation for evolution

We encourage the creation of knowledge and the exchange of information by creating an environment in which innovative ideas are nurtured and developed.

We maintain an atmosphere of openness towards new ideas that challenge status, while eliminating the fear of failure. The achievement of the company is a success for our farmers. A challenge for a new agriculture is a motive for the objective.


We are honest, transparent, truthful, and trustworthy in all of our transactions and interactions, and we honor commitments.

We respect the dignity and rights of individuals and groups and we ensure that our trials are free from discrimination and prejudice.

We create an environment of fairness and transparency and comply with all applicable laws in letter and spirit.

Preserve the planet

The challenge is worth it, the naturalness and respect for its rules of the game dictate our organizational culture and project an image of a company fully committed to agriculture in this 21st century, with consumer health and the challenge of preserving planet Earth. maintaining the balance of the need for qualitative productive increase and economic profitability.